Georgia Police Memorial Ride

Saturday April 27th, 2019





Calling All Defenders

Dont miss out on the upcoming National Party. The Upstate SC chapter will be there in full force. Upstate SC items available for sale.





New Items

Check out the Defenders Online Store for our new Woven Defenders Throws. One of a kind made in the USA!



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How do I join the Defenders ?

You will need to join the Defenders MC through a local chapter. If there isnt one in your area, consider starting a new one. Visit the national site at Defendersmc.org for more information. If you do have a chapter, contact that chapter from their website and we will be happy to forward you whatever information you need.

Where can I find about the rules and regulations of Defenders MC?

The national website has all the by laws listed in a link where you may read through them. The by laws are also listed on this website through the link to your left on the menu bar.

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Why doesn't the club allow females ?

We do!! Although this is a male social club, females are encouraged to be involved and may be a part of the club as an associate member. Our chapter currently has several women involved as associates and as long as a husband or boyfriend is a full member of the organization, you may join too.

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Who is the point of contact for ordering Defender items?

If your interested in making a purchase of one of the items we offer, please visit the online store or contact our Quartermaster (Sled) through email (quartermaster@uscdefenders.com). Details and payment options can be discussed with him. Be sure to visit the national site for links to other chapter stores and many great Defenders items offered by other chapters.

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What is the reasoning behind joining the Defenders?

Ive been asked this question more than any other. People say its just as easy to ride your bike by yourself or in a small group and not have the rules to follow. My answer to that is anyone who might join this club works in a public service field. We are required to display the highest in moral character and integrity everytime we put that uniform on. The rules of this club ask no more of us than the citizens who employ us. Why Join? The brotherhood. Getting to know people in our fields, new friends, new connections, and creating a positive image in the community while we're at it. Sounds like fun to me.

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When is the Upstate Defenders next event?

Our home page will normally display any event we will be participating in along with the dates. Check back soon for a list of upcoming events. Hope to see you there.

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