Georgia Police Memorial Ride

Saturday April 27th, 2019





Calling All Defenders

Dont miss out on the upcoming National Party. The Upstate SC chapter will be there in full force. Upstate SC items available for sale.





New Items

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Chapter Board and Members


Who Runs This Show

President- Wolf

Wolf is President of Upstate SC Chapter of Defenders MC. He is retired from the New York State Police with over thirty years of total law enforcement experience. His willingness to go the extra mile is what brought this chapter into existence, and a new brotherhood amongst local enforcement was born.

Vice President- Sarge

Major / Webmaster - The Don (Yes i do both jobs, its tough, but somebody has to do it!)

Commander- T-Bone

Secretary- Grim

Treasurer- Dead Eye

Lt. at Arms- Hammer

Sgt at Arms- Radar

Sgt at Arms- Ray Ray

Quartermaster- Tea Cup

Road Captains- Grizz and Snowman

Road Guards- Jailor, Ron, Big Block


Duke, Predator, Chief, Doc, Superman, 1/2 back, Stryker, Gunny, Big Dog, Sled, Yogi, GPAW, Highway, Viper, Kenny D, Slick, Bullet, Stix, Ratchet, Road Dog, Jrod, and Hoodlum.

Associate Members-

Momma G, Red, Tink, Sunshine, Bunny, Skittles, Shorty, Steve's Girl, L.T., Bugs, Butterfly, Mickey, and Kay Kay.